Tuesday, September 2, 2008


ClassroomChildren always longing to know
The world of cure and care,
The depth and dense of life
With mind and mime.
Teacher always longing to dash
From the likes and life of child
Classrooms classifies the past
And future without minding the present

Kites never prays for its prey , doves,
Tiger never prays for its prey, deer
Frogs never prays for its prey, flies
Cats never prays for its prey, rats
Priests only prays for their prey, laymen

over bridge

Under the over bridge claps and cries
Makes the life pleasure and pain
Children with long hair longing a feast
That never flowers in their dreams
Over the bridge flows the passions
That makes the life pressure and pain
Morning mourning through news
No news other than mourning news
only noon appears before morning
on its burning crown life laughs